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Portuguese Podengo Association of Finland


Lill Jägaren's Lucky
Photo Irene Pessala

In Finland the small smooth-haired podengo is the most common, with about 690 dogs registered.
There are about 310 small wire-haired, 52 medio wire-haired and 15 medio smooth-haired podengos registered in Finland.
The first grande smooth was brought to Finland during the summer 2012.

The first small smooth-haired podengos were registered in Finland in 1990,
small wire-haired in 1991 and medium wire-haired podengos in 1998.

The Portuguese Podengo Association of Finland was established in 1996.
There are about 160 members in the association.
The association is active in the whole country.


15.02.2013 - puppies

- puppies, show calendar 2013 (in Finnish)

04.09.2012 - puppies, show results (in Finnish)

14.05.2012 - breeders, puppies

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